Opportunities for Improvement

SOLID encourages ALL employees to share ideas that they think could improve our business. You may use this form to send an anonymous suggestion to the Executive Team (see examples below). Suggestions that have a tangible cost-saving or revenue increasing measurable will receive a financial reward as a percentage of the value of the suggestion.

Your email is not required, however submitting it will allow you to receive a digital receipt of your submission for proof in the event that your suggestion is adopted.

Contributing Ideas

SOLID only works when we all work together. Every employee has different experiences and perspectives. At SOLID we believe that these differences harbor invaluable resources for both personal and professional development.

Important Note:

This is a facility for employees to contribute ideas to improve the business. We ask that you refrain from misusing this tool. Please do not use this form to report misconduct – contact your supervisor or contact Human Resources directly.

Suggestions are not monitored in real-time and are not overseen by a Human Resources specialist. Any abuse of this tool, such as use of offensive language, racial or sexual harassment will result in the removal of this facility.