Vehicle Defects Form

Minor Defects

Please use the form below to submit a report to SOLID fleet management so that they can arrange to have the defect fixed as soon as possible. This service should only be used for minor defects such as dents, scratches or damage to the SOLID branded graphics. It is important to alart management to such issues as the vehicles we use represent our brand, and poorly maintained vehicles sets a bad example to our clients.

Major Defects/Mechanical Faults

In case of major defects, such as mechanical issues or flat tires, you should refer to your operations manager or other management staff immediately. Do not get in or drive a vehicle that you feel may be even remotely unsafe. If you belive there could be anĀ  issue with multiple vehicles or If you do not feel your concerns are taken seriously, please email fleet management at:

Small Vehicle Defects Form

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